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Bombardier Outlander 800 HO EFI
We now have Outlander 650 and Renegade info and pics too!

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BRP/Can-Am Outlander 800 / 650 / 800 Renegade Information, Pics, Videos and More

The Outlander 800

"Designed from the ground up to be the ultimate ATV in the industry, with more power and torque than any other ATV"

Arguably the Outlander 800 is the fastest, best handling and most comfortable ATV on the market at this time.
This website was built to provide Outlander 800 info, tech tips, where to buy accessories, reviews and lots more all by 800 Outlander owners.
You will also find information on other Bombardier ATVs along with your other favorite brands of four wheelers on the Forum All Outlander owners are encouraged to join the many others there to share info and experiences about the 800 beast.

Quotes from LaMigraTx about the 800:

"Between the length, height, and width ratio, granny gear, heavy throttle, nearly 12" of ground clearance, Visco-Lok 4wd system and ski design frame I would have to score it a 9 out of 10."

"I had my shocks at the softest setting and this machine soaked up every bump and glided down the trail like it was riding on air. I thought maybe the suspension would be too soft especially in the whoop section and tight trail section, but it wasn't. I took the whoop section at around 20mph, and did not bottom out the machine, and there was not much up lift, nor did I feel like I was going to be thrown off the machine"

Quotes from Outlandish on the Outlander 800:

"78 MPH? Yes that has been claimed by several Bomb 800 owners. I have only had mine to 67 so far and it was fast enough. With 62 horsepower and a dry weight of 639 lbs. this thing is a rocket! The power to weight ratio is perfect making it the best handling big bore ATV on the market".

"I have a base model 800 and have added Bombardier front and rear bumpers, mid rise front rack extension, 27" Mud Lite XTR radials w/ ITP C-series type 5 wheels and a Kimpex cargo box w/ backrest. This ATV is by far the best I have ever ridden. Handling, power and comfort, all I ever wanted finally in one machine".

"I also own a very capable 05 Outlander 400 which I now let my 15 yr old son ride. I have owned Outlanders since they were first introduced with the 800 being my third."

Pics of 2006 Outlander800HO EFI

800General Information

Owner Comments/ Reviews  Comments and reviews of the 800 sent in by readers.

ATV Online Magazine  This site is a great 800 Outty resource

Bombardier ATVs   Bombardier company website

Aurora Wheelers ATV Forum  Outlander 800 information and photos updated daily in the Bombardier section

800 Monster Mud Machine  29.5 Outlaws, snorkled, lifted mud monster

Reported Problems and Quirks With the 800's  Problems reported by 800 owners.

New BRP Big Bore  The new 650 EFI V Twin from BRP. Apparently the only thing that can beat it is the 800!

800 Renegade INFO Check out the newest Renegade info on the forum

800/650 Photos / Videos

Guest Photos Page One   We are currently NOT accepting new guest pics

Bomb 800 Photos   Pics from various sources.

 650 Guest Photos We are currently NOT accepting new guest pics

 650 Owner Comments

Featured 800 Pic

Outlandish, 2006 Outlander 800

Crutchfield Stage 2 shocks,
29.5 Swamp Lites

Please "right click" videos then "save as"

800 Wheelie Video
Credit: Darrow / LaMigraTx

More 800 videos here


800 Aftermarket Parts

HMF Engineering | HMF 800 forum   A performance slip on pipe

Power Commander  A power chip

Perfex  Skid plates, plastic and aluminum

VIP-AIR  Great looking windshields/fairings PIC

Dobeck EFI Control   To be used with the HMF pipe.

Erlandson Performance(EPI) Clutch Kits  These clutch springs for the 400 will fit the 800.

Dalton Industries  The 800 clutch kits are now available.

LTE Exhaust   New true dual exhaust systems for the big bore Outlander. Here are a couple of PICS of the duals on my 800. More info to be available HERE

From Alumatech   New rear aluminum CV guards for all Outlanders and Renegades. More info and purchase details soon to be available on the forum HERE

Big Gun Pipes  Very nice performance slip on pipes for the big bore Outlanders that meet the 96 dB sound limitation.

Dynoport Silencers has a slip on pipe for the Outty. PIC  It is not listed on their website but you can call: 315-253-9631. Tell them the year and model, they'll set you up with a pipe. Price approx.$230.00
Watch a video of this bike and hear the pipe HERE

Ricochet Skidplates   3/16" aluminum skid plates, doubled-up front bash area w/ footwell coverage...Now for Renegades too! See Them Here!
We are currently organizing a group buy.Group buy over.

New group buy being organized: Ceramic coating for 800 exhaust. More Info on the forum HERE

ADAPT-A-HITCH from Dick's ATV are now available for the Outlanders. These are nice quality 2" receiver hitches. You can find them on their website under "specials". Members of Aurora Wheelers forum receive $10 off. Here is a REVIEW of the Adapt-a-hitch done on the forum.

800 Outlander Tech Tips

Visco Lok Review by Outlandish  How that auto locker works

Outlander Tips  Good tech tips pages

 How To Install a CVT Drain Plug on The 800 Bomb  Just in case...

Outlander Fender Extensions  Note: These are on a 400 but will be the same install as the 800. Part number is different.

Want to do Some Serious Mudding?  Be ready to beef up a few things

Visco Lok Differentials  How that thing works

Changing The Outlander Brake Pads  How to do it.

Bomb Forum at Aurora Wheelers Home to  356  800 owners, 69  650 owners and 64  Renegade 800 owners!!! (as of 10-7-2007)

Web Rebel's Site Good 800 Outlander how-to's

Hot Pipes?
One problem with the 800's is the exhaust heat! Many of the forum members have had their pipes ceramic coated. This greatly reduces heat radiated from the exhaust causing hot legs and plastic. It also increases performance.

The company we have gone through is Performance Coatings and is highly recommended by myself and other members.
Forum members receive a 10% discount!

Springs Sagging? What happened to the 12" of ground clearance? Some 800 owners have reported that their front springs are sagging. There are several guys that had their dealer install Max non XT springs. This has helped some. It has just been reported that DS 650 springs will work even better. BTW BRP is aware of this problem and they are working on new springs to replace the defective ones.

Crutchfield Performance has announced a line of shocks for the Outty. These are the answer to the sagging spring problem and they give a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with them. Visit their forum HERE

I recently installed a Ron Wood exhaust system on a Renegade. Info HERE. Talk about it on the forum HERE.

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